'The planet may not even last that long' - 29-year-old shortstop's mammoth $300 million contract sparks outcry among MLB fans

‘The planet may not even last that long’ – 29-year-old shortstop’s mammoth $300 million contract sparks outcry among MLB fans

The Philadelphia Phillies have given one surprise after another to MLB fans this season. They unexpectedly clinched playoff berths and then shockingly knocked out favorite heavyweight contenders. At one point, the Phillies even appeared to become World Series champions, although they ultimately finished second. Recently, the Phillies surprised fans by signing shortstop Trea Turner to a lucrative contract.


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Turner has a reputation for being a lightning-fast runner on the field. He is also famous for his hard hitting. Additionally, he also happens to be a high-accuracy defender. Thus, Turner twice remained the stolen base leader in the National League.


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Playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers last season, Turner hit 21 home runs, batting 100 RBIs, and averaging .298. Now the Phillies have signed him to a decade-plus contract. Thus, after a majestic season, the Phillies continue to pile up their alignment. However, fans expressed mixed opinions on the contract.

What do MLB fans think of the Philadelphia Phillies’ latest rookie?

Trea Turner has so recently sign a whopping $300 million contract for 11 years. The deal includes a full no-trade clause and no deferred money. This is the 10th contract over $300 million in MLB franchise history to date. Additionally, Turner is now the fourth shortstop to reach that threshold.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 02: Trea Turner #6 of the Los Angeles Dodgers hits during a game against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium on October 02, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)

World-renowned MLB reporter Jon Heyman recently posted the news on his Twitter account, quoting, “Trea Turner gets $300 million for 11 years from the Phillies. Complete no exchange.

A fan responded by quoting, “Wow! He’s a perfect match for Philly, but damn… 11 years old!

Another fan wrote, “The Phillies and Braves are both better than the Mets right now. The throw is even but the shot is far superior away from New York.

Yet another fan wrote, “Like the Bryce Harper deal. Interesting how the Phillies did it. That’s one hell of a signing!”

While one fan pointed out a valid concern, writing, “Won’t it lose some of its speed in a few years?

Another unimpressed fan wrote, “11 years… Wow, the planet might not even last that long.”

A few more fan reactions followed:

Therefore, while most fans view Turner as a valuable addition, they doubt his long-term effectiveness.


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However, it’s up to Turner to decide how long he can hold onto his trump card, his speed.

Turner made his MLB debut for the Washington Nationals in 2015. Subsequently, he joined the Dodgers in 2021 for a brief stint. Two-time All-Star Turner won a World Series championship in 2019.


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Do you think Trea Turner can still maintain her form until the end of her contract with the Philadelphia Phillies?

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