Volcanic rock added to Outer Banks beach could help capture carbon

The Outer Banks are already on the front lines when it comes to climate change, but largely for the wrong reasons. Rising seas and ferocious hurricanes, both fueled by global warming, regularly threaten seaside homes and roads along the narrow strip of barrier islands off North Carolina.

Now researchers hope to use those same beaches with a little help from a volcanic rock popular with jewelers to see if they can reverse global warming.

Vesta, a California-based utility company that researches solutions to climate change, wants to sink 20,000 cubic meters of ground olivine, covering 75 acres, in water 25 feet deep about 1,500 feet offshore. of Duck in the northern Outer Banks. The idea is to see if “weathering” the common mineral can safely reduce the acidity of seawater and help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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